Infrared TSOP Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module


  1. Detection distance: 2-40cm
  2. IO Interface: 4-wire interfaces (- / + / S / EN)
  3. Output signal: TTL level
  4. Adjustment: adjust multi-turn resistance
  5. Effective angle: 35 °
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IR TSOP Module

IR TSOP comes as an assembled module, as shown above, there are only four pins: +5-volts, GND, output, and EN. Output is an active LOW and has an onboard status LED. IR TSOP Module is very easy to interface directly with Arduino or other micro-controllers. It also works with the Raspberry Pi with a voltage range of 3-6 volts. Connect Vcc to 3-volts.There are two potentiometers on the TSOP module one controlling operating frequency (centred at 38 kHz) the other controlling intensity. The detector was designed for 38 kHz and the onboard oscillator circuit is based on a 555 timer. A smooth white surface worked far better than a black or rough surface.

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