Micro soldering station 12v adjustable temperature


LOW VOLTAGE SOLDERING PEN; The majority of soldering irons have three basic temperature designs: 1) no temperature control designs, which are usually the least expensive and suitable for household soldering jobs, plug in and are ready to go after they’ve warmed up; 2) temperature-controlled soldering irons allow you to be sure that the soldering iron tip maintains the right temperature, but they are more expensive than basic soldering irons; and 3) soldering stations — which consist of a benchtop control unit and a soldering iron specifically designed for the unit, and which are the most expensive type of soldering iron If you are a professional or you plan to do a lot of soldering, consider a Freaks elect soldering station first.

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Micro soldering station

Micro soldering station ESD safe 5-35 watts

Adjustable temperature

Tip for pin point soldering

Gives Results Like 18 Watts Iron and Saves Energy by 53%

NO Leakages in Circuit in the AC Voltage as the Product Run on 12V Circuit as Compared to others