Brass Heat Set Threaded Round Insert Nut(M3 X 6 mm)-25 Pcs.


A heat-set threaded insert has two important features. The inside of the brass piece of hardware has a nice, threaded thru the hole.

The exterior has ridges, so when installed using heat, the plastic can easily flow around and then solidify. Once solidified, the insert is in place, making it resist torque and pull-out.


Tools you need:
  1. Heat-set threaded Insert Nut

  2.  Plastic Body Part

  3. Soldering Iron

Preparing the threaded insert:

Use the soldering iron on a low setting to preheat the threaded insert using a shallow tapered soldering iron tip.


  1. Heat-Set is designed specifically for notch-sensitive plastics
  2. Expansion-Sets offer simple press-in installation
  3. Flow-Sert is a blind insert for installation during the moulding process
  4. Brass Material Can Resist Heat.
  5. Not Easy to Rust, Strong Corrosion Resistance.
  6. Very high pull-out and torque resistance.
  7. Can be installed by ultrasonic or Heat into thread tapered hole, or moulded in during injection.
  8. No need to counterbore or countersink the boss hole since the insert has guide pilot.
  9. Used on the injection moulding for tightly fixing.

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Brass heat nut

The Brass Heat Set Threaded Round Insert Nuts is used every day for assemblies and components that need to be joined together. When fasteners are used in traditional manufacturing, bolts are often tapped straight into the metal substrates.

3D printed parts are unique from a material and robustness standpoint, therefore threaded holes can wear easily if the fasteners are taken on and off multiple times. Brass heat nut inserts are your method for success for these types of assemblies.

The Brass heat Nut has been designed for post-mould installation into notch-sensitive thermoplastics using heat. It features very high pull-out and torque resistance.