Two Wheel Drive (2WD Kit) Smart Robot Bot with Chassis, Bo Motor, Wheels -DIY Robot Chassis


  • Mechanical structure is simple, it is easy to install
  • Package included :- 1 x car chassis, 2 x gear motor(1:48), 2 x wheel and all necessary screw and nut
  • Wheel size: 6.6cm x 2.6cm approx
  • Wheel center hole: 5.3mm long, 3.5mm wide


2WD Kit

The main body of the 2WD Kit chassis is made of laser-cut clear-acrylic sheet and can hold two gear motors on either side and a supporting universal castor wheel. It also holds a compartment for four aa batteries (not included) with battery terminals that protrude through the chassis and can be accessed from the top. Each dual shaft motor has one side holding the wheel while the other is connected to an encoded disk. The chassis has enough holes and openings for mounting sensors, servo, motor drivers, and control modules.