Ninja Robot Kit (Otto Bot) for Robotics Project



Ninja Robot Kit – Otto Bot

Ninja robot kit is an open-source, 3D printed robot .Thor is an interactive robot and is a perfect learning tool for kids robot kit includes 4 x micro servo motors, a set of screws, Nano ATmega328, USB cable, Nano I/O shield, ultrasound sensor, 6pin switch easy to connect cables F/F, AA battery case with switch (batteries not included).

The compatible robot is available in multi color. It uses ultrasound sensor for object detection and is expandable and customizable with 3D printing Ninja robot parts are 3D printed and are manufactured with a social impact mission to create an inclusive environment for all kids Ninja robot PCB programming board Microcontroller programmable board, based on the ESP8266 chip.

This is the brain of a new generation of DIY robots, thanks to its compact size, with integrated Wi-Fi for communication and control.