Dance Robot Speaker Robert RS01 for Robotics Learning


The Robot with bluetooth 5.0 speaker, Programable supporting app available 0n IOS and Android. Its flexible can dance any step as you control, Can change the eyes colour and control. Also adjust and plan the program on your smart phone and control it accordingly. Tap to change the songs and pause. Compatible with all smart phones and tablets.

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Robot Speaker Robert

 Featuring innovative technology, Program Dance Robert is a lot more than a simple toy. From the moment you turn him on and hear his friendly greeting, Robert will bring a smile to your face.

Play music wirelessly via his built-in speaker and laugh as he dances to the music. If you’re feeling creative, you can change Roberts eye color and control his arms and legs via the free iOS or Android app.

The Robot Speaker Robert will dance to the rhythm of the music being played and you can also remotely control it’s movement via the mobile app. There are also lighting and sound effects and the possibility of programming.

Connect the Robot Speaker Robert to the mobile application via the wireless Bluetooth interface and get a tool for It’s remote control including hand, foot, and combination actions. There are also options to adjust the color of the LED illumination and the speed of movement.