The RC522 is a 13.56MHz RFID module that is based on the MFRC522 controller from NXP semiconductors. The module can supports I2C, SPI and UART and normally is shipped with a RFID card and key fob. It is commonly used in attendance systems and other person/object identification applications.

The MFRC522 reader supports ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE mode. The MFRC522?s internal transmitter is able to drive a reader or writer antenna designed to communicate with ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE cards and transponders without additional active circuitry. The receiver module provides a robust and efficient implementation for demodulating and decoding signals from ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE compatible cards and transponders. The digital module manages the complete ISO/IEC 14443 A framing and error detection (parity and CRC) functionality.


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