Optical Liquid Level Sensor



  1. Measuring accuracy: 1MM
  2. Current output :15mA
  3. Operating voltage: 5v
  4. No mechanical moving parts, high reliability
  5. High precision level control
  6. Meet the safety standard requirements
  7. An easily mounting method with locking nut.
  8. Measurement range: single-point measurements
  9. Equipped with 50 cm cable length.
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Liquid Level Sensor

Optical liquid level sensors do not measure the liquid level, instead, they detect the presence or absence of liquid. Optical sensors consist of two main parts; An infra-red LED and a phototransistor that is accurately positioned at the base of the sensor tip.

When the tip is in the air, infra-red light reflects internally around the tip of the phototransistor providing strong optical coupling between the two. When the sensor tip is immersed in liquid, the infra-red light escapes from the tip causing a reduction in the amount of light at the phototransistor which makes the output change state.

Optical Liquid Level Sensor


Advantages  of Optical Liquid Level Sensors:

The main selling points for an optical liquid level sensor is their compact size, their solid-state design, their low cost, and their reliability. However, while extremely accurate for point-level sensing in high pressure, temperature, and at times corrosive environments; they are less useful for continuous-level measurement applications.