DC Geared Motor with Encoder 16 RPM 138N.Cm 12V SPG30E-270K


DC Geared Motor

  1. Rated Voltage: 12 V
  2. No-load Current: 70 mA
  3. Rated Current: 410 mA
  4. Rated Torque: 14 kg-cm
  5. Shaft Diameter: 6 mm
  6. Gear Ratio: 270:1

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DC Geared Motor

This is a SPG30E-270K DC Geared Motor with Encoder.

This is the popular DC Geared Motor featuring an additional magnetic quadrature type rotary encoder. The quadrature encoders provide two pulses which are out of phase, for sensing the direction of the shaft rotation.

Hence, this SPG30E -270K DC Geared Motors with Encoder features both advantages of position sensing as well as direction sensing of the rotating shaft. This application flexibility of the encoders will allow you to control the speed of the base motor very precisely.

Note that the encoder casing comes in 2 colors either as BLACK or WHITE.

The SPG30E-270K is a compact brushed DC motor. The SPG30E-270K DC Geared Motor with Encoder is a low-cost solution for projects such as the medium-size Robot, Omni Drive Robot, etc.

This SPG30E-270K DC Geared Motor with Encoder equips 270:1 gearbox for giving the torque of 14 kg-cm. The output shaft of the motor is D-shaped which facilitates better coupling. The shaft has a length os 15.5 mm with a diameter of 6mm.

This is very useful especially when we are building a pulling system or conveyor system. Two Hall effect sensors are placed 90° apart to sense and produce two output A and B which is 90 degrees out of phase and allowing the direction of rotation to be determined.

The motor is rated at 12V which will produce 16 RPM with torque as high as 14 kg-cm. This motor has the highest torque in the class of this DC Geared Motors with Encoder.

Mounting Instructions
For mounting, the depth of the thread of the motor is 3.2 mm. So, you need to use a 3.2 mm length of M3 size screw (not included with the thickness of the bracket). The longer screw will damage the gearbox. You may need to consider the thickness of the bracket or other mechanisms that you need to attach to the motor for choosing the right length of the screw.