Anti-Vibration Shock Absorber for APM/KK/MWC/PixHawk



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Anti-Vibration Shock Absorber

If you are wandering to make your First DIY  Drone. Then This Anti-vibration shock absorber is needed for you. The absorber is used to protect your flight controller from vibration while driving.

This is a universal Glass Fiber Flight Controller Anti-vibration Set Shock Absorber APM/KK/MWC/PixHawk vibration damping mount that has a list of useful applications, This provides free camera mounting to Flight controller isolation.

It absorbs vibration, the center supported plate is ideal for sensitive electronics and cameras. The flush flat-bottom mounting allows bolt or tape-style attachment.

The rectangle mount can be used on a number of Flight controllers, such as APM PixHawk as well as the Mobius camera or even a GoPro turned sideways. And comes with some additional mounting tape.

This shock absorber is Suited for the different open-source flight controllers, like APM 2.5/2.6/2.8, KK, MWC, and PixHawk 2.4, etc.