RunCam Phoenix 2 Nano Edition 1000 TVL FPV Camera



  1. 7G ƒ/2.0 big aperture glass lens. Less red lens flare
  2. Excellent Image Quality – in day or night!
  3. 1/2″ big image sensor
  4. f/2.0 aperture for more light
  5. Excellent low light performance
  6. Less digital image shimmer
  7. New upgraded CPU for better performance
  8. Better low light performance than even the RunCam Eagle!
  9. High quality 6 layer glass lens for better picture
  10. PAL/NTSC & 4:3/16:9 Switchable
  11. Supports Image Mirror & Flip
  12. Low latency, high performance

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Nano FPV Camera

The RunCam Phoenix Oscar Edition was a micro FPV camera equipped with an M12 lens. But, the RunCam Phoenix 2 Nano FPV Camera is both great daylight and low light FPV camera, equipped with an improved 1/2″ WDR image sensor and high-quality M8 lens. The Phoenix 2 Nano features a high 1000 TVL picture with a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio option, WDR CMOS, and fast image processing.

This Nano FPV camera has the same CPU and 1/2” high-performance image sensor as the RunCam Phoenix 2, however, the RunCam Phoenix 2 Nano produces vivid high-resolution pictures.

Thanks to the 1/2” super global WDR image sensor and the ƒ/2.0 big aperture 7G glass lens, the Phoenix 2 Nano’s low light performance is even better than the RunCam Eagle. The customized high-quality 7 layers of glass lens have a ƒ/2.0 aperture which brings less red lens flare and less purple fringing effect.

These lenses are also used on the RunCam Split Nano3. Comparing to the RunCam Micro Eagle, the Phoenix 2 Nano FPV camera has way less digital shimmer and a much clearer image.


Minimum Illumination  0.001Lux@1.2F
Signal to Noise Ratio >50dB (AGC OFF)
Input Voltage 5-36V DC
Current Drawn 190mA@5V 85mA@12V
Day/Night Color/BW/EXT/Auto
Housing Material ABS