Plastic Landing Gear for Quadcopter


Features :

  1. Good-Quality Gears
  2. Provides 200mm ground clearance
  3. Skid proof gears
  4. Compatible with Q450 and S500 and another large size frames

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Landing Gear

The landing gear adds an extra protection to your flying platform and all other precious equipment. This protection is available at no cost when compared with the cost of all the accessories that you ride on your multirotor.

The Plastic Landing Gear provide around150 mm of ground clearance which is just more than sufficient to mount Gimbal or Battery like large equipment at the bottom of your flying machine.

Their special purpose is to keep the center unobstructed for mounting cameras, gimbals, batteries etc. and also giving the protection to those mountings.

It is made up of high-quality ABS Plastic. It is very easy to install on your Multirotor.

With such crab legs, you do not have to worry too much about the landing of your Multirotor as the Gears are the best solution to reduce the impact of hard and rough landings.

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