TTP223B Digital Capacitive Touch Sensor Module


  • Low power consumption.
  • Power supply for 2 ~ 5.5V DC
  • Can replace the traditional touch of a button, touch area.
  • Four m2 screws positioning holes for easy installation, power indicator green led, power on the right that is shiny.
  • Control interface : A total of three pins (gnd, vcc, sig), gnd to ground , vcc is the power supply , sig digital signal output pin.
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TTP223B Digital Capacitive Touch Sensor module Switch is based on a touch-sensing capacitive touch switch module. Allows you to remove the worry of conventional push-type keys. Normally, it outputs low and keeps at low power state. When a touch is sensed on the circular marked region, it outputs high and switches to the quick response state. When not being touched for 12 seconds, it switches to low power state again.