RF Wireless Transmitter Receiver Module (Red) – 433 MHz



  • Transmitter Module employs a crystal-stabilized oscillator, ensuring accurate frequency control for best range performance
  • Range in open space (Standard Conditions) : 100 Meters
  • No requirement of external RF components except Antenna
  • RX Supply Current: 3.5 mA. RX Typical Sensitivity: 105 Dbm
  • Low Power Consumption
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RF Wireless Transmitter Receiver Module

This is an ask hybrid rf wireless transmitter receiver module available at 433 mhz. The transmitter module employs a crystal-stabilized oscillator, ensuring accurate frequency control for best range performance. There is no requirement of external rf components except antenna.

Rf transmitter features

  • output power: 4-16dbm
  • circuit shape: Saw

Rf receiver features

  • receiver frequency: 433.92
  • typical sensitivity: -105dbm
  • supply current: 3.5ma
  • infrequency: 1mhz
  • operation voltage: 5 volts
  • Ideal for remote control applications where longer range is required. The transmitter operates from a 3-12v supply, making it ideal for battery-powered applications. Easy for application rx operating voltage: 5v tx frequency range: 433.92 mhz tx supply voltage: 3v – 6v tx out put power: 4 -12 dbm.

This hybrid RF Transceiver Module provides a complete RF transmitter and receiver module solution which can be used to transmit data at up to 3KHz from any standard CMOS/TTL source.

The transmitter module is very simple to operate and offers low current consumption (typical. 11mA). Data can be supplied directly from a microprocessor or encoding device, thus keeping the component count down and ensuring a low hardware cost.

The RX – ASK is an ASK Hybrid receiver module. The RF wireless Transmitter Receiver Module is an effective low-cost solution for using 433 MHz. The TX-ASK is an ASK hybrid transmitter module. TX-ASK is designed by the saw resonator, with an effective low cost, small size and simple to use for designing.


Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm
Transmitter Frequency Range(MHz)


Receiver Frequency Range(MHz)


Receiver Supply Current(mA)


Receiver Operating Voltage(V)


Transmitter Supply Voltage(V)

3 to 6


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