Raspberry Pi 4 Model B – 4GB RAM

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Raspberry RPi 4 4GB with the 4GB RAM capacity provides a huge scope for various multi-tasking activities, running powerful data servers, projects, virtual machines etc. This mini-computer is a better alternative since it is both energy efficient and cost effective. It is a silent machine and uses less energy than any other computer. It provides faster networking as it comes with a Gigabit Ethernet and onboard wireless networking along with better Bluetooth connectivity. It can transfer data 10 times faster with the help of two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports.

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RPi 4 4GB

Raspberry RPi 4 4GB Model has released a new version of its flagship model, Raspberry Pi 4 Model with 4 GB Ram. In addition to the models that come with 2GB and 8GB of RAM, there’s a new 4GB RAM model. To supply the slightly higher peak currents required by the new memory package, they have shuffled the power supply components on the board, removing a switch-mode power supply from the right-hand side of the board next to the USB 2.0 sockets and adding a new switcher next to the USB-C power connector. While this was a necessary change for this upgrade.