Drone DIY Kit

The F450 Frame based quadcopter is a versatile Drone DIY Kit that can be used to create a Quadcopter for both fun and creating professional aerial views. The multirotor kit is actually as a frame which makes it extremely light and user friendly given the fact that owners can add or remove additional elements.

This DIY model requires medium to advanced building knowledge. The kit is given in pieces and requires wiring, soldering and some basic tools like soldering materials, glue gun, multimeter, screwdriver. This kit is not a ready to fly kit and requires tuning, practice and patience. Once you manage to put it all together, its actually pretty fun to own as it does a lot of cool stuff while holding enough space for additional components. You can hover, roll (requires practice), cruise and use it for a lot of aeromodelling activities.

The kit does not include Lipo battery. A 11. 1V 2200mAh battery is recommended though you may choose any other available option.


Weight 500 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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