Original Prusa SL1S Speed 3D Printer


For Newcomers and Professionals

The Prusa SL1S Speed 3D Printer is more than just a machine for producing figures and statues. With professional-level print quality, extensive documentation, low running costs and 24/7 tech support, the SL1S is perfect for newcomers and professionals alike. Its predecessor, the SL1, already found its way to hospitals and industrial companies.

High-Quality Materials and Rigid Body

We have built the Original Prusa SL1S Speed 3D Printer around a rigid, heavy aluminum body, which minimizes vibrations and ensures the best possible printing performance even when printing thin and highly detailed geometry. The SL1S features a quick-release mechanism, which maintains the Z-axis calibration.

Smart Resin Tank

The new tank from high-quality graphite-reinforced PA6 composite comes with a practical opaque lid that protects the resin from being cured by daylight. Automatic Resin Sensor prevents resin from overflowing or running out mid-print.

Slice with PrusaSlicer

The Prusa SL1S Speed 3D Printer is fully supported in the latest releases of PrusaSlicer, our internally developed and regularly updated slicing software. Take advantage of hollowing, automatic support generation, easy object manipulation and many other tools. PrusaSlicer also contains factory-tested profiles for dozens of resins.


  1. Quick-release platform – maintains calibration. No need to recalibrate the printer when the platform with the print is removed.
  2. Assisted Wizard with quick and easy setup and calibration
  3. Motorized tilting bed – prevents layer shifts, stirs the resin, enables faster printing, improves reliability
  4. Resin tank with non-proprietary FEP films – easy and cheap replacement, low running costs
  5. Silent operation with Trinamic drivers (auto-homing function)
  6. Advanced LCD cooling system improves performance and extends the life of internal components
  7. Rear fan with a carbon filter to minimize odors around the printer
  8. Safety features: resin level sensor, safety vat under the tilt mechanism to protect the internal parts against minor resin spills
  9. Fully-featured network interface: Control your printer through your web browser.
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Prusa SL1S Speed 3D Printer

Prusa SL1S Speed 3D Printer is Compared to the original SL1, the new SL1S offers vastly improved print quality, a 25% larger print area, and up to three times faster printing with only 1.4 second exposure time per layer. Short exposure times combined with the built-in tilt mechanism enable you to print up to a 150mm tall object in three hours.

The Prusa SL1S Speed 3D Printer is the perfect choice for producing extremely detailed 3D prints  fast! No matter whether you want to produce highly detailed sculptures, designs and prototypes, or you need a reliable workhorse for your workshop or lab, the SL1S delivers outstanding results across the board. We also offer an upgrade kit for your SL1.

Great Print Quality

The SL1S features a new 5.96” monochrome LCD with a physical resolution of 2560×1620p. Taking advantage of the completely reworked optics and the new monochrome display technology, the SL1S offers a vastly improved print quality compared to its predecessor.

PRUSA Fastest Printer Ever

Configure your 3D printer with ease and see previews of sliced models before you start printing! Thanks to the 2.8’’, 240×320 LCD screen with 65.000 colors, every option is just a few clicks away.

Touch Controls and Network Features

Upload your print files over network and perform over-the-air firmware updates. The SL1S comes packed with modern technologies that make 3D printing easier, safer and more convenient than ever before. On-screen wizard will guide you through the whole setup process. You will be ready to print in no time.

25% Bigger Print Area

The Prusa SL1S Speed 3D Printer features a 25% bigger print area compared to the SL1. The largest object that fits in the 127×80×150mm print area can finish under 4 hours (0.05mm layer height) or in 2 hours with 0.1mm layer height. This is also possible thanks to the nearly three times faster tilt compared to the SL1.



Additional information

Weight 15000 g
Dimensions 50 × 42 × 32 cm

SL1S Speed 3D Printer



LCD resolution


LCD lifespan

2000 hours

Print volume size

127×80×150 mm

Layer exposure time

1.3 – 2.4 seconds depending on material and layer height

Supported layer heights

0.025-0.1 mm

Minimal layer height

0.01 mm



SL1S dimensions

8.8×9.3×15.7 in / 225x237x400 mm


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