Original Prusa Mini+ 3D Printer Kit



  1. Silent Trinamic 2209 stepper drivers
  2. 3 thermistors, fan RPM sensors
  3. A Bowden system with3:1 gearing
  4. Super PINDA probe – no temperature drift
  5. Fast preheat: PLA 1 min / ASA 3 min
  6. Sensor less homing for X and Y axes
  7. 2.8″ graphic 65k color screen with G-Code preview
  8. Prusament PLA sample weight: ~2×25 g
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Prusa Mini+ 3D Printer Kit

Mini+ kit Original Prusa Prusa Mini+ 3D Printer Kit – smart and compact 3D printing workhorse with all the bells and whistles you’re accustomed to when you buy an Original Prusa Mini+ 3D Printer Kit. MINI+ will surprise you. It has a print volume of 18 cm (7”) cubed, removable spring steel sheets, ethernet, and it’s based on our brand new custom-made 32-bit Buddy mainboard with silent 2209 Trinamic drivers.

Build Volume

Featuring a 7″×7″×7″ (18×18×18 cm) build volume, the MINI+ is a fully-equipped 3D printer. Featuring sensor less homing, automatic Mesh Bed Calibration, replaceable nozzles, network connectivity, USB printing, and a full-color LCD screen, the MINI+ is a big printer in a small body.

Color LCD Screen

Configure your 3D printer with ease and see previews of sliced models before you start printing! Thanks to the 2.8’’, 240×320 LCD screen with 65.000 colors, every option is just a few clicks away.


Flexible Print Sheets

Removing a print has never been easier! With the magnetic heatbed and removable spring steel sheets, you can remove a printed object merely by bending the steel sheet. The surface is easy to maintain and comes in two variants: smooth and textured.

Super Pinda Probe

Super PINDA probe features a high-quality sensor for a fully automatic Mesh Bed Leveling process. Before every print, the printer probes the bed in several places and creates a virtual height map of the print area. This process ensures that the first layer will always be spot on.