Aluminium NEMA23 Shaft Coupling 6.35mm X 8mm


NEMA23 Shaft Coupling

  1. Exhibits good strength.
  2. High-grade aluminum couplings.
  3. Fit for all CNC projects

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NEMA23 Shaft Coupling

Aluminium NEMA23 Shaft Coupling is lightweight coupling and exhibits more strength in class. This is made up of HE-30 grade aluminum. This type of couplings are very common and found in the wide range of CNC Machines.

Please note that the bore diameters of this product are as d1=6.35mm and d2=8mm.

They can firmly hold the shaft of the motor and other peripherals with the help of Grub Screws which can be tightened rigidly by using Allen Key which we have included in this product pack.

EasyMech Aluminum couplings are found in 3D Printers, CNC machines and other DIY projects to couple Stepper motors and 8mm rods/threaded rods/precision trapezoidal rods.