MQ9 Gas Carbon Monoxide, Methane and LPG Gas Sensor Module


  1. Good sensitivity to CO/Combustible Gas
  2. High sensitivity to Methane, Propane, and CO
  3. Long life and low cost
  4. Simple drive circuit
  5. Input voltage: DC 5±0.2V
  6. Current Consumption: 150mA
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 MQ9  sensor

MQ9 sensor module is highly useful for carbon monoxide,CH4 and LPG gas detection at home, car or industry. The sensor module can detect carbon monoxide, CH4 and LPG in the air. It is highly sensitive and responding time is very fast. Depending on the requirements of sensitivity, the sensor can be adjusted with a Potentiometer.

MQ9 sensor is a highly sensitive analogue output sensor which is commonly used as carbon monoxide,CH4 and LPG gas sensor in MQ sensor series. It is a very popular Gas Sensor in various sectors. The output voltage of the gas sensor increases if the concentration of gas increases. The sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable by the Potentiometer.

The working voltage of MQ9 sensor is 5 volt DC and it draws around 340mW. This sensor is capable of detecting carbon monoxide,CH4 and LPG gas concentrations anywhere from 20ppm-2000ppm carbon monoxide, 500ppm-10000ppm CH4, 500ppm-10000ppm LPG.