M3 X 8mm Bolt and Nut Set-25 pcs.


M3 X 8mm

  1. Type: M3 (3.0mm Diameter)
  2. Material: Mild  Steel
  3. Bolt Length: 8mm
  4. Bolt Head Style: Slotted & Round
  5. Pack Quantity: 25 sets.

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M3 X 8mm

EasyMech CHHD M3 X 8mm Bolt and Nut Set-25 pcs. is the combined set, ready to use of 8mm long Slotted head Bolt and M3 size Nut. It is made up of High tensile Mild steel material which offers high tensile strength and excellent corrosion protection which is the main property of Mild steel. An alternative for using them without nuts is to install them directly into a compatible female threaded hole.

We discover best quality product from the best manufacturer worldwide to provide you easy to use mechanical products and these set of Bolt and Nut are the part of the journey. These set of Nut and Bolts can generally be taken in use of small/Medium or also in Heavy duty fittings as well as in your DIY projects and mostly use in robotics Chasis assemblings.