Lemon lithium polymer battery

Lemon Lithium polymer battery are high-quality LiPos manufactured by the makers of Gens Ace and Tattu LiPos. After successfully establishing Orange Lipos in the Indian market, we decided to take a step ahead with enhanced chemistry in Lemon Lipos.

And we are taking that fun a step ahead with Lemon LiPo. Typical Lemon LiPo applications are RC hobby, Robotics, and DIY projects.


Weight 185 g
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 2 cm
Model No.

2200mAh 3S 45C

Connecting Mode


Connector Type


Minimum capacity

2107mAh @ 0.2C

Nominal Capacity (mAh)

2200mAh @ 0.2C

Nominal Voltage (V)

11.1V(Cell 3.7V)

Open-Circuit Voltage

12.45~12.6V(Cell 4.15~4.20V)

Charging time

Rapid charge:1.5 hours(2.2A)
Standard Charging:7.5 hours(0.44A)

High Rate Discharge

≥2.97min Standard Charge/rest 5min discharge at40A

Internal Impedance



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