GT2 Aluminium Timing Pulley 60 teeth 5mm Bore


GT2 toothed pulley with 2mm pitch teeth, suitable for use with GT2 neoprene reinforced nylon or steel reinforced polyurethane belts to be chosen depending on the type of end use. Made entirely of aluminium.

Such a pulley reduces backwash due to accelerations and directional changes, ensuring good resolution when used on automatic system such as 3D printer and small CNC systems.


  1. High Quality Aluminium
  2. Excellently Machined
  3. Durable and practical
  4. Minimizes the chance of the belt slipping
  5. Easy to use


 GT2 Aluminium Timing Pulley 60 teeth

This is GT2 6mm belt aluminium timing pulley 60 teeth. It has high quality shiny surface appearance and robust construction, longer working life.

The rounded teeth of this tooth and belt are engaged together longer providing a smoother transition between teeth, good performance for 3D printers.

The GT2 Aluminium Timing Pulley 60 teeth applications include 3D printer, CNC and other robotics with timing belt pulley, GT2 timing belt pulley system especially suited for linear movement and positioning.