DFRobot Gravity I2C Oxygen Sensor



  1. High sensitivity
  2. I2C Interface
  3. Compatible with both 3.3V and 5V micro-controllers
  4. Polarity protection


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Gravity I2C Oxygen Sensor

The DFRobot Gravity I2C Oxygen Sensor is based on electrochemical principles and it can measure the ambient O2 concentration accurately and conveniently. With high anti-interference ability, high stability, and high sensitivity, this Arduino-compatible oxygen sensor can be widely applied to fields like portable devices, air quality monitoring devices, and industries, mines, warehouses, and other spaces where the air is not easy to circulate.

This compact DFRobot oxygen sensor supports I2C output, it can be calibrated in the air, can accurately measure the oxygen concentration in the environment. It is compatible with many mainboards like Arduino Uno, esp32, Raspberry Pi, and so on.

Its effective range is 0~25%Vol, and resolution can reach to 0.15%Vol. It supports a wide range of input voltage: 3.3V to 5.5V. Moreover, the lifetime is as long as 2 years. With a simple Gravity interface and practical sample code, you can build your own oxygen concentration monitor easily and conveniently.