3-Cell 18650 Battery Holder Series-Parallel


  • High quality terminals
  • Small and portable size
  • Very strong and durable
  • Compatible Batteries: 18650 Batteries
  • ‎7.4 Volts, 3.7 Volts, 14.8 Volts, 11.1 Volts


3 Cell Battery Holder

3 Cell  Battery Holder is one or more compartments or chambers for holding a battery. For dry cells, the holder must also make electrical contact with the battery terminals. For wet cells, cables are often connected to the battery terminals, as is found in automobiles or emergency lighting equipment. A good choice for you! Features: Takes 1/2/3/4 standard size 18650 batteries side by side to form a compact battery of 3.7V rechargeables Keep your batteries organized and protected Specification: Material:ABS Color:Black Size: Approx.78mm * 21mm/40mm/60mm/80mm * 21.5mm (excluding the lead part) Weight:Approx.10g/15g/20g/25g Pin: length Approx.3.5mm, longitudinal spacing:Approx.72.5mm (both edge-to-edge spacing) Mounting holes: Aperture Approx.3mm, longitudinal spacing Approx.55mm (Pitch is the distance center to center of aperture)