280PCS 1W Zener Regulator Diode Kit



  • Good Quality Diode
  • Each strip of the Zener Diode with Value is printed.

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Zener Diode Kit

Zener Diode Kit With a wide range of items offered by the brand, Orange has attracted a lot of attention since our company’s debut. This Kit is an insertion of a new product line from our vast expertise knowledge base from past years. Here in this kit, we are presenting a wide range of the most popular combo products.

At the brand, we’ve gained the confidence of our consumers and got excellent comments for our Battery, Proximity sensor, Motor, BMS, and other products. When it comes to our own brands, Robu Labs tests them all before they are launched. In this kit, you will get a variety of electronic components that can be used to construct or enhance your knowledge. The kit contains a wide range of Zener diodes.