White Type C cable – 1m for Arduino Nano V3.0



  1. Allows you to connect Arduino NanoV3.0 with USB port to the computer.
  2. Good  data transfer rate.
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Type C cable

The Type C cable for Arduino NanoV3.0 1m Connects speed-critical devices, such as smartphones and peripherals that require a c type connection.

  • Compatible with all c-enabled devices, such as Android smart phones (MI, Huawei, Samsung, oppo, vivo, realme, oneplus, etc.), tablets, laptops (MacBook, Chromebook, etc.)
  • Thick wire core, true 5a, true fast charging, internal use of four strands of thick copper core, charging faster and more stable, with 10V / 4A charger, output 40W high power, super fast charging, no waiting
  • Regardless of positive and negative, double-sided plug, type-C interface plug and play, regardless of positive and negative, efficient transmission, fast charging
  • USB plug test 3000 times, type-C cable plug test 10000 times, anti fracture wire, PVC flame retardant coating
  • New intelligent chip, built-in intelligent chip to identify charging equipment, trickle charging to prevent current overload, standard USB2.0 interface, synchronous charging / data transmission, continuous strength, tensile strength.

Additional information

Weight 23 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 3 cm
Product Name

White Type C cable – 1m for Arduino Nano V3.0

USB Type

USB type 2.0 to USB type c




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