Trimming Potentiometer Assorted Kit (RM-065 ) – 13 Type



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Trimming Potentiometer kit

RM-065 Trimming Potentiometer Kit consists of 65pcs pots with 13 (5-qty. for each value) different and unique ohm values. It is a three-terminal variable resistor that is used to vary or change the resistance. It is normally used to control any device’s resistance input value.

The potentiometer is easy to mount on a PCB and can be adjusted using a screwdriver.

Trimming potentiometer is made of high quality metal material with strong durability. In the meantime, the trimming potentiometer is designed with a single display for accurate adjustment and easy to read.

Made of high quality carbon composite material, durable and long service life. Made of carbon composite material, it is light weight and high strength.


Additional information

Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 0.7 × 0.65 × 0.5 cm




Operating Temperature Range

-10℃ to +70℃

Mounting Type

Through Hole

Weight (gm)

0.1 (approx) (each)


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