Dual Channel TDA7297 Amplifier Board AC/DC 12V Module


  • TDA7297 power amplifier board, connecting terminals all adopt XH2.54 needle seat, quick installation
  • 2.0 dual channel 15W+15W output, can be connected to 4-8 Euro 10-50W speakers, wide range of applications
  • Voltage: DC 9-15V, recommended DC voltage 12V, current 2A or more
  • Power: 15W+15W
  • Impedance: 4-8 ohms

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TDA7297 Amplifier Board

TDA7297 Amplifier Board dual channel / stereo,12V/2A when using, the output power of 15W +15 W, peakup 25W +25 W
Can be accessed by two 4-8Ω 10-50W speakers
A large volume of small size
High signal to noise ratio
Upgraded version of the radiator, wider and thicker, better cooling effect
Fit for Bookshelf speakers, CRT televisions, radios, and other small amplifiers