10mm Spiral Wrapping Band Black 10M for Wires


Features :

  1. Extremely versatile in flexibility
  2. Designed to Hold and Protect Cables, Harnesses, and Hoses
  3. Allows Flexibility while Providing Secure Bundling
  4. Quick and Easy to Install due to Flexible Polyethylene Construction
  5. Easily removed and re-applied
  6. Thick wall Provides Greater Resistance to Abrasions and Vibrations
  7. Breakout at Any Point
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Spiral Wrapping Band Black 10mm

This Spiral Wrapping Band Black 10mm for wires is protection wear for electric wires. Manufactured from halogen-free polyethylene. Ideal for bundling cables behind your PC, TV, Home Cinema System or your desk for wiring looms etc.

Cable wrap simply winds around the cables you wish to bundle together, no tools are required. Individual cables can enter or exit the cable wrap at any point along its length. Can easily be cut to the required length, it does not require any fitting tools, can be used out of the box.

Spiral Wrapping Band Black 10mm organizes and protects wires, can easily be cut off to the length you need to put all messy wires of TV, Theater, Computers, etc. easily and neatly into one cord. Also, protects wires from the wear and tear.

This cable management sleeve easy installation, no other tools required. Wrap the cable management sleeves around your cords and within a minute one can enjoy tidy working environment.

This Spiral Wrapping Band Black 10mm provides safety, protect wires from the wear and tear, prevent electric leakage.


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