Servo Motor SG90 Mini – 180 degree Rotation Standard Quality


  1. Model: SG90
  2. Weight: 9 gm
  3. Operating voltage: 3.0V~ 7.2V
  4. Servo Plug: JR
  5. Stall torque @4.8V : 1.2kg-cm
  6. Stall torque @6.6V : 1.6kg-cm
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Servo Motor SG90 Mini

Servo Motor SG90 Mini is special among all the available servo motors because its operation is very different from that of a standard servo. As instead of going to a specified angle, this servo will be static at a 1.5ms pulse, a longer pulse gives forward rotation and a shorter pulse give backward rotation. It equips Carbon Fiber Gears which makes the servo motor much lighter than same metal gear motor. It is a Digital Servo Motor which receives and processes PWM signal faster and better.