1K ohm 5W Resistor (5 Pieces Pack)



Electronics Components Passive Components
Electronics Components Type Resistors
Resistor Type Carbon Film Resistor
Resistance Value   1 Ohms
Power Rating of Resistor 5 Watt
Tolerance             5%
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Resistor 1K Ohm 5W

We have 5W Film Resistor 1K Ohm for through-hole applications.

These WMF series Film Resistors are manufactured using the latest Magnetron Vacuum Sputtering System and are insulated with layers of lacquer ensuring a very stable resistive medium having a very low-temperature coefficient.

This is a, Resistor 1K ohm 5W carbon film resistors with 5 Watt and 5% tolerance. Each resistor has strong leads and easy-to-read color coding for breadboarding.

In addition, the leads are about 0.55 mm in diameter and are constructed of tin and copper plated over steel wire.

This allows them to stand well with repeated inserts into the solderless panels.