Pointed Bit Tip for Micro Soldering Iron



  • suitable for:  micro soldering Iron
  • Material: Nickel
  • Tip Type: Pointed
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Pointed Bit Tip

Generally used for SMD and most through-hole soldering. Low cost and good quality solder iron, with stable heating.

Upgrade your soldering gun with a new tip, you’ll get better & faster solder joints and the whole process will be much more enjoyable. This tip fits all analog and digital irons, and they’re fast to swap, takes only 30 seconds to change out.

All the tips are good for either lead or lead-free (simply set the iron to the temperature required for the solder you are using).  The tip of the soldering iron tip is small. Suitable for fine welding or small welding space, and can also correct the tin bridges generated when welding chips.

Note: Please be careful when not in use, switch off the soldering iron to avoid overheat, as it could decrease the life of the solder.