PCB Drill bit


Drill bit Applications:

  • Drilling PCBs
  • Drilling ornaments
  • Drilling thin Aluminium plates

Drill bit specification:

  1. 0.8mm diameter
  2. High quality stainless steel
  3. Long term durability
  4. Good for though surfaces
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PCB Drill bit

This is a high quality drill of diameter 0.8 mm.

Use it to drill holes in PCBs for voltage regulators, power transistors, MOSFETs, etc.

This drill perfectly fits into our PCB .

Drill bits are important for Handmade PCBs and the most common diameter is the 0.8mm. Many components such as through hole resistors as well as through hole capacitors use 0.8mm drill hole size and this is a high-quality PCB drill bit with the required diameter of 0.8 mm.

It can be used for drill holes in PCBs for different resistors, capacitors, inductors, voltage regulators, general purposes and power transistors, MOSFETs and IC footprints etc. This drill bit perfectly fits into the hand drill press or the spiral hand drill tool.