Multicolor Flat Ribbon Cable, 20 Wire per 1 meter


Features :

  1. Easily and directly inserted into PCB.
  2. Suitable for internal wiring in office equipment, audio, and video machines.
  3. Durable and reusable.
  4. Easy to install and use.
  5. A popular choice for construction or repair.
  6. Useful for the electronic project and Genuine Arduino product.

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Multicolor Ribbon Cable

This Multicolor Flat Ribbon Cable, 20 Cond per 1 meter for general wiring purposes. Wires have a stranded core. The length is 1 meter per wire.

You may peel each wire from the rest if you need individual wires.

Multicolor Ribbon cable or ribbon cables are a package of many conducting wires parallel to each other in the same flat plane. As the name suggests, all the conducting wires are in a single flat surface or plane that resembles a ribbon. A rainbow wire is basically used where outputs are more than one and are together or parallel like, many computer peripherals such as hard drives, CD Drives, etc