Lemon 45C/90C LiPo battery

Lemon 45C/90C LiPo battery are high-quality LiPos manufactured by the makers of Gens Ace and Tattu LiPos.

After successfully establishing Orange Lipos in the Indian market, we decided to take a step ahead with enhanced chemistry in Lemon Lipos.

Typical Lemon LiPo applications are RC hobby, Robotics, and DIY projects.


  1. Guaranteed leak proof operation in any position except inverted
  2. The expected life span of two to three years in float service applications
  3. Operation in a broad range of ambient temperatures
  4. Recovery capabilities even after deep discharges
  5. Compact, quick and simple to install, require low maintenance
Weight 140 g
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 1.2 cm
Connecting Mode


Connector Type


Nominal Capacity (mAh)

1800mAh @ 0.2C Discharge

Minimum capacity

1740mAh @ 0.2C Discharge

Nominal Voltage (V)

11.1V(Cell 3.7V)

Open-Circuit Voltage

12.45~12.60V(Cell 4.15~4.20V)

Charging time

Rapid charge:1.5 hours(1.8A)
Standard Charging:7.5 hours(0.36A)

High Rate Discharge

≥2.35min Standard Charge/rest 5min discharge at 40A to 9.6V

Internal Impedance



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