Laser sensor Module 650nm 6mm 5V 5mW Red Laser



  1. Voltage: 3.0 V – 5 V.
  2. Driver: APC circuit.
  3. Line length: about 135 mm.
  4. Transmit power: 58mW.
  5. Operating Current: 40mA.
  6. Operating Current: 40mA.
  7. Operating temperature: -36◦C ~ 65◦C.

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Laser sensor Module 650nm

Laser sensor Module 650nm or laser transmitting module emits a small intense beam of wavelength 650Nm (color: red on visible spectrum). It can be used in various applications like laser obstacle, laser guitar, home-made laser tag, etc. The module is compatible with various contemporary microcontrollers including Arduino, raspberry pi, etc. It is available with a fixed screw hole for easy deployment.

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Pay attention to the laser cell to prevent from being burnt or battery explosion due to a short circuit when removing the battery.


1 – GND
2 – 5V
3 – S (Control: HIGH = Laser on)