Flashforge Guider 3 3D Printer


The new machine structure design improves the utilization rate of the internal space of the equipment, realizes the expansion of the build volume while making the equipment occupying less space, offering flexible layout of the production line.

The entire frame adopts aluminum structure, and the enclosure adopts lightweight and durable ABS and acrylic sheets, which realizes the lightweight design from the inside out while ensuring stable printing as well.

  • Excellent Printing Speed of up to 250mm/s
  • Air Filtration
  • Upgraded Automatic Leveling System
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • 300 x 250 x 340mm Build Volume
  • Supported Filaments – ABS / PLA / PC / PA / HIPS / ASA / PETG / PA-CF / PLA-CF / PETG-CF /PETG-GF
  •  Close Design
  •  Auxiliary Leveling
  •  Filament Run Out Sensor
  •  Replaceable Print Bed
  •  Ultra Silence Design
  •  Continue Last Printing when Power Off
  •  Inbuilt Camera
  •  Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Stick Interface
  •  Air Filter Net


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Guider 3 3D printer

The Flashforge Guider 3 3D Printer has characteristics such as larger print space ratio and convenient nozzle replacement. Equipped with the dual build plate options, quick-disassembly nozzle, HEPA 13 air filter, remote monitoring and other functions.
Guider 3 3D Printer provides intelligent and convenient printing experience for education, small enterprises and individual users, making it a cost-effective choice for small batch production applications.
Guider 3 3D Printer can save the printing state in the event of an unexpected power failure and continue printing after the power is restored.
Our FlashPrint 5 slicing software enables multi-machine joint control and integrated device management in small batch production.
The 320℃ high-temperature extruder is compatible with ABS / PLA / PC / PA / HIPS / ASA / PETG / PA-CF, etc., supports 3rd-party materials, suitable for various applications.
With the camera equipped, the printing process and status can be monitored in real time easily through FlashPrint 5 and UI interfaces.
Main features
Guider 3 3D Printer is specially designed for small batch production applications. The lightweight and compact machine structure, simple and powerful management system, and fast and efficient delivery capability guarantee continuous small batch manufacturing process in various scenarios, and provide low-cost and simple production methods.
1) Light weight & Compact Design (10% weight loss)
2) Excellent Printing Speed (250mm/s)
3) Ease of Use

4) 7*24hr Stable Printing

Maximum Extruder Temperature : 320 ℃
Maximum Platform Temperature : 110 ℃
Supported Filament : ABS / PLA / PC / PA / HIPS / ASA /PETG / PA-CF / PLA-CF / PETG-CF
Power Supply : AC100-240V / DC24V / 20.8A, 650W
Device Size : 496(L) * 436(W) * 696(H) mm
Packaging Size : 585(L) * 530(W) * 760(H) mm
Slicing Software : Flashprint
Input / Output File Format : Input
Output : GX / G File / gcode
Printing Connection : USB Disk / Ethernet / Wi-Fi
Certification : CE / FCC / RoHS
Working Temperature : 15-30℃
Compatible Operating System : Win xp / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10、Mac OS
Compatible Slicing Software : Slic3r / Cura (Need to set up)
Touch LCD Screen : 4.3-inch
Printing Bed : Flexible steel plate platform / Glass platform


Additional information

Dimensions 49.6 × 43.6 × 69.6 cm
Extruder Quantity


Printing Precision

±0.15mm or 0.002mm/mm

Positioning Accuracy

X/Y-axis 0.011 mm, Z-axis 0.0025 mm

Layer Thickness

0.05 ~ 0.4 mm

Build Volume

300 x 250 x 340mm

Nozzle Diameter

0.4 (0.4/0.6/0.8)mm

Nozzle Type

Stainless steel nozzle


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