5 Colors F5 MM LED Kit ORANGE 500PCS



  1. Low heat, energy-saving, low power consumption, long service life.
  2. Perfect for light decorations, LED Matrix, and Display Panel.
  3. Signal indicator and electronic and electrical experiment, including Arduino projects, etc.
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Get the 500pcs of F5 MM LED Kit  with 5 different color variants in the single kit by Orange.

This F5 MM LED Kit comes with assorted 5 different colors of LEDs mostly used in electronic modules or in any prototyping projects. The operating Voltage of these LEDs is for White 3.2~3.4V, Red 2.0~2.2V, Blue 3.2~3.4V, Yellow 2.0~2.2V, Green 3.0~3.4V, and Current is 20mA.

Additionally, you will get the Durable Plastic Storage Box which helps you to always keep the LEDs organized and to transport the LED kit anywhere, and keep your LED lights secured and free from damaging and Mixing with other components.

100 x 5 mm Red LED

100 x 5 mm Green LED

100 x 5 mm Yellow LED

100 x 5 mm Blue LED

100 x 5 mm White LED