G1200 1200 x 12MP Multipurpose Digital Electronic Microscope with 7″ LCD Display


Save & output of Images and Videos:  This LCD Screen digital microscope is equipped with a Micro SD card slot and 32G of the card. You can save the images and videos obtained during your observations to the 32G tf card and output.(Maximum support for 64G Micro SD cards)

Great Gift : This LCD digital microscope is perfect for circuit board inspection, QC inspection, watch/clock repair, textile industrial, kids education inspection, biological observation (not suitable for cells), medical professionals, scientific researchers, insects, coins, jewelry, and stamps. It’s the best gift for children, students, hobbyists, and other users.

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Digital Electronic Microscope

This USB Digital Electronic Microscope Equipped with 7 inches large HD LCD screen provides a broad field of view for easy viewing. 12 megapixel, 1-1200x continuous amplification. Powered  Micro-USB at 5V 2A. Truly portable and independent.

With Height & Angle Adjustable Stand it solves the problem of high reflection which is different from Vertical microscopes.(Vertical microscopes is easy to lose sight of the details of the objects due to reflection)

The height-adjustable stand can adjust the distance between the camera and the object. A sturdy and nicely weighted base enables you to minimize shaking and keep your specimen in sharp focus.

8 Adjustable LED Light : The Built-in 8 LED illumination with adjustable intensity control, allows you to set the desired level of illumination. Provides excellent detail and optimal clarity and allows to capture pictures or video in the woods and some dark places.