Flashforge Creator 4 3D Printer



1. Extruder temp. reaches 360℃, new independently designed nozzle, print more types of models with less temp. limitation.

2. Support to print in bi color and bi filament, promote printing efficiency sharply.

3. Build in HD camera, monitor printing status in long distance, check printing process real time.

4. Flexible and removable build plate, easy to remove precise model, much larger and bendable build plate.

5. Filament testing, stop printing automatically when testing abnormal filament feeding, ensure printing success rate.

6. 3D Cloud, an online platform, achieving Cloud management for 3D Printers and the uploading and storage of 3D printing files, providing a massive model database.

  • 3D Printer Flashforge Creator 4S. Dual Extruder 400mm*350mm*500mm.
  • Creator 4S: 0.4mm Extruder HT x2 + 0.6mm Nozzle Assembly HS x2 + Spring sheet x1
  • Creator 4A: 0.4mm Extruder HT Already installed. Extruder HT Printing for Engineering Filament: PC / PA / PP / PETG / ASA / ABS / PLA / PC-ABS / PAHT
  • Printing speed 200mm/s diameter 1.75mm printing temperature 320°C Extruder HS Printing for Carbon Fiber Composite: PACF / PET CF / PP CF / PA GF / PC ABS / PP GF / PPS CF / PPS
  • Printing speed 150mm/s diameter 1.75mm printing temperature 360°C
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Creator 4 3D Printer

Flashforge Creator 4 3D Printer is a high-performance 3D printer for industrial use. Equipped with three extruder options, Creator 4 3D printer can print with flexible filaments, engineering filaments and carbon fiber composite filaments, good choice for commercial production.

Dual extruders working independently.
The two extruders of Creator 4 3D Printer work independently, not bundled together so that when you select one extruder working the other extruder goes away from the printing area hence not extra overflowing any filaments on the printed object.
Also, the two extruders could work simultaneously and independently to double your outputs. Creator 4 is a good choice for mass production.
3 extruder options support multiple filaments-

Extruder-F for flexible filament.
Extruder-HT for engineering filament.
Extruder-HS for carbon fiber composite.
High-precision printing
  • Linear-rail leadscrew stepping along X and Y axes greatly improves motion stability, hence better printing precision.
  • Brand new S-type motion control system achieves smoother start and stop, precise positioning of the nozzle, and wonderful printing details.
  • CNC structure keeps machine stable and less shake when it’s working.

Additional information

Weight 80000 g
Printing Technology

FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Support Filament


Filament Diameter





USB/WiFi/Ethernet/3D Cloud

Operating System

Win xp/Visa/7/8/10 Mac OS Linux

File Types



100V-240VAC, 47-63HZ

Extruder Quantity


Nozzle Diameter



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