Component/IC Extraction Tool


   IC Extraction Tool

  1. Dimensions : 97 x 45 x 14 mm
  2. Weight: 21 grams
  3. The PLCC can be easily removed from the substrate without damaging any IC conductors.
  4. Fits: The chip extraction tool is perfectly suitable for motherboards, microcontrollers, and programmers.
  5. Can be used to remove PLCC and IC from Sockets
  6. Made up of High-Quality Steel for durability
  7. Plastic Shielding to Prevent Shocks
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IC Extraction Tool

Black Chip Puller for Mobile Phone Repair Harmless Mainboard

his is a Black Chip Puller for Mobile Phone Repair Harmless Mainboard Component Extraction Tool IC Integrated Circuit Extractor.

The extractor features a spring-assisted pulling structure and uses a single-hand operation. This extractor is reliable and PLCC components and can be used safely. This tool can be used to remove the motherboard, BIOS chip integrated circuits and for extracting the chip ICs and SMD from the PCB boards.

Repairing and Servicing of any Electronic components board like TV, DVD or PC is not an easy task and with advancements in technology ICs are getting smaller and smaller with each day. ICs can get easily damaged if removed incorrectly from their Sockets and DIP Holders which is a costly mistake and can make the whole board useless or you can get shock from the static charge present on the board due to capacitors present and can hurt yourself.

To prevent this from happening this PLCC IC Chip Extractor / Motherboard Circuit Board Component Plier Puller Tool will make your life easy. It is very easy to use and is made up of High-quality steel and plastic coating to make it last long and prevent you from getting any shocks. You can easily hook it to the IC packages on the board and pull them out without any fear of damaging them.