Arduino UNO R4 Minima board



  1. 32-bit development board, being previously based on 8-bit AVR
  2. The board features the standard 14 digital I/O ports, 6 analog channels
  3. dedicated pins for I²C, SPI and UART connections.
  4. Larger memory:
    1. 8 times more flash memory (256 kB)
  5. 16 times more SRAM (32 kB).
  6. Easy power management:
    1. The UNO R4 has a barrel jack connector and supports input voltages from 6-24 V.
  7. This connector is widely popular and removes the need for additional circuitry required to step down the voltage.
  8. Cross compatibility:
    1. The UNO form factor automatically makes it compatible with hundreds of existing third-party shields
      and other accessories.
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Arduino R4 Minima

Introducing the Arduino R4 Minima, a groundbreaking addition to the UNO board family. This new launch boasts impressive features, starting with its 32-bit microcontroller. Powered by the RA4M1 series microcontroller from Renesas (R7FA4M1AB3CFM#AA0), which houses a 48 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 microprocessor.

The Arduino R4 Minima offers expanded memory capabilities, including 256 kB flash, 32 kB SRAM, and 8 kB data memory (EEPROM). Operating at 5 V, this board ensures compatibility with UNO form factor accessories designed for the same voltage.

While previous UNO shields can be used, software compatibility may vary due to the microcontroller change. Experience the UNO R4 Minima’s cutting-edge performance and enhanced features today.