Aluminum Brazing Wire Dia 2.0 (5 Meter Flux Cored Aluminum Brazing Wire)-pack of 3


Aluminum Brazing Wire

It significantly reduces the leakage problems found after brazing process as it’s manufactured with non-corrosive KAIF4/CSKAIF4 Flux injection technology patented and registered as complete seamless in the wires or rings. It does not require cleaning or little cleaning is needed post brazing as it is made with non-corrosive flux. Controlled flux ratio percentage to ensure that the flux is consistent across the wire for repeated high performance flow of the alloy.

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Aluminum Brazing Wire

As it is flux injected wire, therefore, it eliminates the application of external flux for brazing process. It produces minimal carcinogenic fumes, due to absence of binder, when it melts during brazing process. It does not carry cracks, generated during manufacturing, as the flux is injected uniformly inside the wire. It is 100% seamless due to injection technology, therefore, does not have possibility of Air Puffs/Missing Flux across the length of wire. As the flux is invisible and inside the wire,

Therefore, No Flux Air Dust contaminates the brazing/production area.No Swallowing, breathing of flux Air dust. No Skin irritation from chemical substance found in flux air dust. As no binders are added in the manufacturing of Brazing Filler Metal Wires, Consequently, No Poly-Carbonated Fumes threaten the bronchial health of operators exposed to the fumes.