Right Side MK8 extruder Aluminum 3D Printer Block


  Specifications and Features:

  1. Right Short Side MK8 Extruder
  2. High-Quality Replacement for your blocked/damaged MK8 Extruder
  3. Available in 3 different types to support dual extruder setup
  4. Material: Aluminum alloy
  5. Weight: 60gm
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Aluminum 3D Printer Block

Right Side MK8 extruder 3D Printer Block

This is a high-quality MK8 Extruder Replacement Aluminum 3D Printer Block. Use it to replace your blocked/damaged extruder. This block comes in a kit form and requires assembly by the user.

Since this is very popular numerous assembly instructions and videos are available on the internet which will help you build your extruder.

The MK8 Extruder Aluminium 3D Printer Block is available in 3 different types – Right Side, Left Side and Right Short. These extruders differ in the direction in which the filament is extruded with respect to the extruder block. When using single extruders, any extruder can be used.

When using dual extruders you can use one right side and one left side.

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