Key Display For AVR, Boards compatible | New 8-Bit Digital LED Tube 8-Bit TM638 Module | Robotics Science Project


  • It only need to read the relevant register to send display data or test button so it save mcu resources effectively., Package contents: 1 key display module for avr arduino
  • 8 bits, 8 keys, 8 leds, 8 digital tubes, common cathode led digital tube
  • The advantage is only three io ports will be occupied when it drives
  • Scm doesn’t need to work for scaning display and key scaning


8-Bit Digital LED Tube

8-Bit Digital LED Tube is a speed reducing gearbox dc micro motor, great replacement, mainly used for electronic locks, intelligent robots, cameras, rc car, diy engine toys. Rated voltage: Dc 6v/ 12v. Speed: 50/ 200/ 300rpm. Shaft diameter: 3mm. Size: Diameter: 12 mm. Fuselage without shaft length: 26 mm. Output axial length: 10 mm to 4.4 mm. Name: Dc mini metal gear motor. Voltage range: 6-12v. Package include: 1 x mini gear motor.