555 timer IC based electronics kit

555 timer IC based electronics DIY kit which can be used to execute various electronics and science projects. 555 timer IC based electronics kit contains most of the basics components required for timer based electronic projects.

The part list of the kit is as follows:

Breadboard 400 Points 1 Piece
Jumper Wire 20 piece each male to male, male to female and female to female
555 Timer IC  2 Piece
Resistor  5 Piece each (1k, 10k, 220E, 330E, 100E)
Capacitor 5 Piece each (10 UF , 100uf, 1uf )
LED 5mm  5 Piece each ( Red, Blue, Green)
Transistor BC547 5 Piece
Diode  2 Piece each (4007, 4148)
Relay 5V 10A  2 Piece
Buzzer 5V 2 Piece
LDR  2 Piece
4 Pin Reset Switch 4 Piece
Potentiometer 10K 2 Piece
Battery Connector  1 Piece
Battery 9V 1 Piece

learn more about 555 IC

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 cm


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