37 in 1 Sensor Kit


37 in 1 Sensor Kit is a sensor kit with 37 different types of sensors. It can be used for various DIY projects and application according to the need.

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37 in 1 Sensor Kit

37 in 1 sensor kit Passive buzzer module, common-cathode red and green led module, knock sensor module, shock-switch sensor module, photo resistor sensor module, push button module, tilt-switch module, rgb led module, infrared-transmit module, RGB led module, hydrargyrum-switch sensor module, two-color common cathode led module, active buzzer module, analog-temperature sensor module, colorful auto-flash module, magnet-ring sensor module, hall sensor module, infrared-receive sensor module, analogy-hall sensor module, magic-ring module, rotate-encode module, light break sensor module, finger-pulse sensor module, magnetic spring module, obstacle avoidance sensor module, tracking sensor module.