150mm FrSky Receiver Antenna new version IPEX4



  1. 2.4G remote control
  2. Smaller IPEX port
  3. gold plated head
  4. precision machining, low loss, and  high sensitivity

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Receiver Antenna

This is a 150mm FrSky Receiver Antenna new version IPEX4. This Connector is used to connect the receiver. The 2.4G control made it unique because it can connect most of the Receivers.

This connector has RF113 silver plated wire for that reason this it is good precision machining also it has low loss and high sensitivity.

  1. Wire Type: RF113 silver plated wire.
  2. It has  Stable signal Distribution.
  3. The Temperature lies between -40 to 65 Degree Celcius.
  4. Used in Transmitter, Monitor, Model aircraft, receiver, and Bluetooth.