It is a wall mounted PIR Motion Sensor Unit used for home or Industry automation. It has a sensor with sensing range upto 40 meters and sensing angle of 180 degree. It comes with both time and lux adjustment. It saves energy by automatically turning off loads.

It can use with lamps, incandescent lamps (bulbs), old-fashioned fluorescent lamps, electronic fluorescent ring lamps, spotlights, transformers, small electrical appliances, and other all other appliance.
Good solution for energy saving and easy in installation. And Delay adjustment: 10 Seconds  7 Minutes and Adjustable Lux: turn on the lights during the day or night.
Using the automatic control product of infrared technology, when people walk into the sensor range, and the sensor can detect the spectral change of the human body infrared ray, during this time, the switch will connect the load automatically until the person leaves the sensor range.
Sensitivity Adjustable: Turn On Lights during Day or nights.
It can be also used to automate Sanitizer Dispenser or Tunnel.

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 cm


Material Composition



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